Team Connecticut Lacrosse Club is a boys year round lacrosse club for student athletes in Connecticut or CT. Our club offers speed training, lacrosse training, stick skills training, fall lacrosse training, fall tournament teams, summer tournament teams,

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We have added these Parent testimonials for our current and new families w/Team Connecticut.  The club name may have changed but the coaches and club direction remain the same, a committment to excellence.

Parent Testimonials

We wanted to send a HUGE thanks to Coach Kiernan!!!! What a GREAT season with a great group of boys!!! Thanks so much for everything you did for them!!! Stowe was a ton of fun and just beautiful!! See you all tryouts!!! 

Coaches Landry and Bailey,
I wanted to thank you for a great club season. Trever truly enjoyed being part of the team. He learned a lot and his ability has grown from your coaching. Such a great group of boys, Trever really enjoyed playing with them and made great friends.

Coach P. & Coach Colin, Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for stepping in and stepping up and making the end of the '25 White season both enjoyable and memorable.  Both of you went above and beyond - our boys are fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you.  Hope you enjoy the rest of your summers.  Thanks again.

Hi Everyone ! Team pics attached.   Thanks for a great season… we are already looking forward to next year !

I’ve tried to catch you a few times at practices and games, but you’re usually busy working with the kids and the coaches and I hate to get in the way of that. Just wanted to express my appreciation for giving Drew the chance to be a part of Team CT this summer. Brian and AJ (along with you and the other coaches) have been incredibly welcoming and supportive, and they’ve challenged him and taught him tons already. He’s enjoyed the competition, meeting new kids, and being a part of the Team CT family. Thanks so much for making that happen.

Coach Bailey, Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate how hard you’re working to keep the boys on the field.  Over the years, I’ve seen my daughters’ “premier coaches” in soccer and volleyball absolutely mail it in (and then roll over and disappear with COVID), but Team CT is more than a cut above.  Kudos and thanks.

I just wanted to say my wife and I really appreciate what you guys have done despite everything going on. I know it's been a real challenge. I wish i had moved Jared over to your club sooner. He's having a lot of fun and really likes the coaching he is getting. 

I would like to commend you and your staff for the excellent job you all have done coaching the 2027 team.  I have been watching (and doing some coaching) my son Gavin play lacrosse since he was in kindergarten.  Saturday was the best I have ever seen him play and it is due to you and your staff.  That was the best TEAM play I have ever seen him be a part of.  It was wonderful to see how they really took what you have been teaching at practice and applied it in the game.  Sure it is easy to say when they are winning the games by wide margins and I am very well aware that there are some excellent club teams out there.  From my vantage point, I saw a team that was working together and learning to understand where each other would be on the field.  They seemed to be developing a trust in one another to pass the ball and know that the teammate is going to do their part.  All in all it was a very positive day for us and it is because of the great job you and your staff have been doing.

Just sitting down for lunch and discussing the day (super!) and season with the family. Teddy (2025) has really vocalized to us how much he has enjoyed Team CT. Colin and Max have the boys playing as a team and enjoying themselves. I think we’ve seen coaching techniques that we haven’t seen before and it’s definitely having a great effect. I think I mentioned at the Cheshire tournament that Teddy said his first practice this year was the best he ever had. He is really enjoying his LAX and improving. 
First off, I want to thank you for organizing all of the Team CT practices and events as well as hiring such good coaches. My son, Anthony, has learned so much in the short amount of time he has been with the 2024 team. You have a wonderful program. We are interested in your fall, winter, and summer programs. I would appreciate your help with this as Anthony would really like to continue playing for you. Thank you!

Thank you and Coach Mortali for all your time and effort this season.  Cameron enjoyed both the practices and the tournaments, and the experience added to his love of lacrosse.  All the Lacroix's appreciate you!

I want to thank both of you very much for all you did for the team and Matthew.  He had a great experience this year and first words out of his mouth when we were leaving Stowe, is that he wanted to try out again.  You guys did a great job of running practices and managing the games.  Matthew loves LAX and I am glad to have him be a part of such a great program.
Eric, just wanted to say thanks for another fantastic summer season.  Christopher had a great time and loved his experience again.  John and I were very proud of him this past weekend and the success he was having in the net.  Kudos to the goalie coaching staff ... he loved training with them each week.
I just wanted to share something positive that occurred after yesterday’s practice. Rowan and I were driving home and chatting about practice. He is usually a man of few words. He said to me, “ Mom, I could tell that coach really believed in me.” It struck me as odd, as I’m sure that all of his coaches believe in him, but something about your delivery really conveyed that to him. After more talking he described the way you gave them feedback throughout the drills and told them when they were doing something right, as well as what they could do to make it better.  As an educator I truly believe in the power of feedback and I wanted to make sure that I said thank you for yesterday. I hope Rowan gets to have more experiences with you. Have a great week!
Thank you for everything you have done this season to make the team and me as good as we can be. I appreciate you putting together extra practices to help our offense with specific plays and practice plans for our team. I learned the importance of things like climbing the ladder and moving off-ball after a pass. I had a lot of fun this season. While the season didn't end the way we wanted I'm excited for the next season and I'll continue to work on my skills during the offseason.

Thanks for everything sir!  Went by so quick. We are so happy we found team ct. Excellent organization.  We will recommend you guys to everyone we know.

My son had a wonderful experience, learned a lot, and looks forward to continue improving his skills! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

I hope you all made it home despite the traffic jam in Hartford. Our family wanted to thank all of you and the fantastic coaches for making this a really great season for both JD and us as parents. From Krista’s emails organizing team snacks, great conversations, and an overall wonderful experience for JD we are grateful. 

Eric, I just wanted to let you know how much Ryan Loved practice tonight. He wouldn't stop talking about how much fun it was. He said "dad, tonight was so much fun. TeamCT practices really make you sweat, this is why its more fun than my town league". 

His favorite part was at the end when you broke the boys into Youth and High school players by position.  He said "I love playing with big kids" he also said "The older guys were giving me lots of compliments, like "great pass!", "awesome handle!", and lots of pats on the helmet. Ryan is only 9 years old and boys who are three and four years older than him treated him like one of them. TeamCT isn't only a lacrosse team its a lacrosse family. This is one of the reasons I love TeamCT.

My son said in the car I can't believe practice is over. It went by way to fast... then he said that he has so much fun at TeamCT and how he missed going to your practices.Thanks for what you do and making him love your team and the game.

I just wanted to take a moment to say I feel that Team CT staff is doing an amazing job. During the training sessions the kids are engaged and learning so much. Iam very pleased that Michael finally has Coaches of this caliber. Coaches that show and teach mutual respect. While passing on their passion and knowledge of the sport. These are the teachings that ignited the passion and drive that I now see in Michael.  Thank you for making it happen!

One again, thanks to you and your staff for all of the hard work you put in with the kids.  I know it is not easy being a coach, there is a lot of time and effort that goes into planning.   I have been blessed through my entire playing and coaching years to have been surrounded by some of the best in the coaching business. These coaches have just not been coaches but mentors. Speaking as a former player and coach, you and your staff are the real deal.  The same values that were instilled in me by these coaches are the same values that you and your staff are passing on to these kids. As parents, my wife and I thank you for helping us instill these same values that are needed to not only be successful in life but an integral part of making this world a better place.  Keep up the good work.

On behalf of my husband and I, I wanted to personally thank you both for a fantastic summer lacrosse experience.  Johnny truly enjoyed his time with both of you!  Coach Adkins, I'm not sure if John even told you, but he's never had the opportunity to play attack prior to this summer.  I think you opened up a whole new world for him!  He loved it!!  He's always played middie during the spring season in town and last summer season he played defense.  This was a very welcome and refreshing change for him, so thank you! As mentioned, this wasn't our first experience with summer lacrosse.  Johnny played on a different team last summer.  John and I have spoken very highly of your organization to others.  We feel that you add great value with the spring practices and conditioning.  Everything that we experienced through Team CT this season was very well organized.  And, I think what we appreciate most, is that you were both very positive with the kids throughout the season...even during some of those difficult blowout losses!!  Actually, any of the coaches that I heard with the kids either in the spring, or at the weeknight practices, were all fantastic.  Those things go a long way and speak volumes for a youth organization. Thank you, again and we look forward to seeing you at tryouts.

Thanks for giving David an opportunity on the 2020's at face off and playing middie. He really enjoyed playing and he improved quite a bit against the competition. Coach Pulisciano was very happy this past weekend at Amherst with how he did at face-off.  Based on his recommendation to David, we will be signing David up for the camp later this month at Cheshire Academy. The only decision is if he will stay overnight or commute since we only live about 8 miles away.

Hey coach –After spending the last month or so with your squad I just wanted to send a quick note with a few thoughts.  I have been around youth sports for a while now, and it seems like it’s becoming more and more rare to get a coach that truly “gets it”….Steve was just flat out awesome, genuinely awesome, the kids loved the experience, I am sure of it, and the parents were all very happy, he is great.  Also, the time that Steve’s son spent time with Glackin was awesome, and super helpful. He showed him some techniques and drills to practice and Glackin really benefited from him quite a bit.  Just wanted to say I’d put two votes in the win column with these two guys that you have.  Life lessons is what coaching the youth is all about……one day they will forget what the score was in this weekend’s tournament, but they certainly won’t forget the meaning of teamwork and hard work and doing the little things to takes to make your team better…..nice job!

Eric, thanks for the summer season.   Once again I thought your organization provided a good experience for the money.   Playing Tournaments like Crabfeast and Lebanon Valley are good experiences for the kids to have.   Although we really didn't match up talent wise to the teams there it’s a chance to play against the best.

Eric, Just wanted to say thanks for the informative night last night. Blane's eyes were opened to the process. We have been with two other tournament teams and you are by far the biggest advocate for the kids. Thanks for that.

Good Morning Coach Fay,

Our son would be kicking and screaming if we tried to take him away from your team.  I had every intention of thanking you after our summer season but I didn't so I'm thanking you now. Our son was a different boy from when he started summer lacrosse to when he ended. His passion, knowledge and love for the game is through the roof.  His study habits have improved because he now knows that he wants to play for a strong Div 3 school with strong academics. Coach, I would like to say that this change came from his father and I but it didn't. We've always been strict when it comes to academics. But this change is because of you!  Our son has such tremendous respect and love for you as a coach.  We look forward to getting back on the field.  2019’ Parents

On behalf of my husband and myself we just wanted to extend our appreciation and thanks to you both. First of all, to Coach Bailey for reaching out to us about our son playing on your team and believing in him. I am so glad that our paths crossed and we got to experience your amazing program. Secondly, Coach Joe, thank you for your amazing coaching skills. Jack in such a short period of time grew as a player, met some pretty awesome new friends, and his love for lacrosse deepened. He truly loved your club and we believe he learned a lot of great lacrosse. The communication between coach Bailey & Coach Joe w/in the organization was amazing. There was never any time we did not know what was going on, what to expect with upcoming practices or tournaments. We look forward to continuing to be part of your amazing program. Keep the emails coming regarding camps clinics etc. We will do whatever it takes to help Jack grow and develop as a player. Hoping to see you on the football field!!!!!  Best of luck to you both!


Thank you so much for your time, effort and energy this season. We enjoyed your club Experience and Ben really learned a lot. Your instruction has helped to improve his overall game and his insight into how to be a better player.

Coach Mac, just wanted to a thank you for and Coach P for being great influences on the boys this summer. We are going to miss our Summer's with the club, it's been 5 years! Best of luck with all of you future endeavors. PJ really enjoyed you and your coaching, thank you for a great summer!

Thank you, again, for your time this summer.  It was a quick season but a lot of lessons learned by Zak.  The competition is tough out there so now he will spend the next year working on his skills and at the gym to get stronger.  We hope to see you next summer.  As always, it is great having you guys for Zak's coaches.

Having Matt play w/your club was one of the best decisions we've ever made! Thank you both for all of your support and advice over the years! Thanks again for everything that you guys do! Team 203 is definitely the best organization!!

Your doing a great job with our boys.  My son is really enjoying himself and learning a lot.  You guys are very organized.

We are really happy that you took our son and gave him an opportunity to play with your summer team. He is absolutely loving playing for your organization and as a result I believe he loves lacrosse even more that he joined your team. Thanks again!


I promise I'm not the type to be filling your inbox with emails. It sounds like you're plenty busy without them. But I work in a field where I get little feedback unless it's negative--so it's important to me to tell others something good when I can. 


My son came off the field grinning ear to ear last night and spent the whole ride home chattering on about this drill and that coach and this play and that kid he met. My wife and I really enjoyed the vibe and the energy of the practice. This experience, playing with kids who are really talented, will be very good for him, will help him eventually raise his level of play. But at the end of the day, lacrosse should be about having fun. I just thought I'd write and tell you JD had a great time and is excited about playing for your club.

3/9/16 Hi Coach,
My son is a goalie. He just finished your Wednesday clinics and I wanted to not only thank you for this clinic but let you know what an impact you made on him.  He's been playing goalie for a few seasons now and is sometimes unsure of himself and his capabilities. He is always worried about letting his team down. I'm not sure what exactly you said to him Wednesday but he came home glowing about compliments you made to him. He can't wait to get started and projected such a confidence I've never seen in him before.
Thank you for whatever you said to him, he loves the game and it was great to see him eager to get back into the net.

Coach Bailey, I think the seminar yesterday was very informative.  Most summer teams really only seem interested in the money and winning a few games.  With our first few months with 203 we've been impressed with the level of communication and the value of what you offer. Keep up the good work!


I signed my 11 year old son up for the Shooting and Dodging clinic that Team 203 sponsored over winter break in the Sportsplex. As well, I had the opportunity to coach one of the groups during the 9 hour clinic.  Coach Bailey's intention was to have each player shoot 500 times during each 3 hour period.  This amount was easily exceeded, while spending upwards of 10 minutes at each station (12+ in all!) each day.  More importantly, the stations were designed to introduce (first day only) and drill various dodges from various angles, while simulating actual game speed scenarios. My 11 year old son, though he could not lift his arms over his head after the first day, loved it!  He was so excited to go back the next day and show coach what he learned. He is still talking about it.  As a coach, I was energized by the effort and enthusiasm I saw as each player identified with the value of each dodge and shot.


The individual coaching was excellent, as demonstrated by the execution by the players. As well, Coach Bailey was at each station fine tuning, encouraging and keeping the level of enthusiasm high. I applaud Coach Bailey for his recognition of what players need to succeed in this game, and for his omnipresent passion for teaching lacrosse and positive work ethic. This program is moving in the right direction in terms of preparing young men and women for higher levels of play. This being said, I encourage any player local (or beyond) to get involved with this program. There is progress to be made.


Dear Eric,

I thank you, the entire Bailey family, all of your coaches and assistants for providing your athletes with an incredibly positive sports experience.

From the time my son tried out for the Bobcats in seventh grade right through his rising senior year with your club, summer lacrosse has been one of the great pleasures of our life. Your mission of improving the level of lacrosse skill in Connecticut has been a great success. I have watched team after team improve in skill and lacrosse IQ year after year. Friends on other Team 203 teams report the same. More importantly it is the way you and your staff teach. Always seeing what needs to be corrected and doing so in a very positive manner, instilling the competitive spirit, building a great belief of the importance of teamwork and always presenting strong role models of what a man should be. You care a great deal about your players, always looking to their needs on the field, in the classroom and in game of life. You and your staff create a family atmosphere where the players truly care about each other and the parents look out for all of the players. I can see where this comes from as the Bailey family, Mom, Dad, children and grandchildren, have that way of making you feel one of the gang. They have all been incredibly caring and supportive. When I cannot be there, I have no worries for my son, as he is in the very best of hands.

Your commitment to helping students realize their dream of playing college lacrosse is second to none. Through our participation in your club, our son has received over twenty inquiries from coaches representing colleges competing in athletic divisions 1, 2, & 3, expressing an interest of getting to know him better. Many include “I have spoken with Coach Bailey and…” remarks that have put your player in the most realistically positive of lights. You are very connected to the collegiate lacrosse world and are more than generous with your players (and I suspect any other player you could help also). I know the chances of our son realizing his dream of playing college lacrosse is better than ever and a direct result of the lacrosse and life skills he learned with your club. The success and exposure he has received in tournament play goes without saying.

We can’t thank you enough for all you, your family, and your staff have done to provide a wonderful lacrosse family for our son, and our family. You have enriched us all and we cherish our time with your club.

Your Friend Always,


I just wanted to let you know how much my son enjoyed playing in the tournament on Sunday.  He admitted to feeling very rusty but looks forward to learning more from working with you.  My husband and I were also impressed with your coaching style ~ you and your program came highly recommended and we were able to see first hand why! 


Hey Coach, 

Thanks for the email. This summer has helped me so much with my college search. I have been invited on official visits to 4 of my top schools -  I'm going up on an official visits this fall! This never would have happened if I hadn't been on such a great team over the summer. I'm looking forward to fall clinics with your club and then getting back on the field with the team for Fall Ball.


Dear coaches,

I just wanted to personally say thank you for letting me have a great first experience with your club. I also wanted to say thank you for teaching me many new goalie skills and a better technique. My dad says that I have gotten a lot better in just the 5 or 6 weeks I was with you guys.

Thank you very much!


Thank you for doing such a great job keeping the information flowing smoothly, I appreciate the communications. This is our first experience with your club and we are very happy thus far. I only wish we had found out about your club a few years earlier when our older son was playing. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Our son wanted to play this summer in order to gain more knowledge about the game and to go against better competition in practice as well as in games.  That was done.  The people he met and the friends he made are icing on the cake.  As parents, we feel the same way.  It has been wonderful to get to know all you. Although, Tina is the talkative one. Thank you coaches for taking our boys under your wings for the past five weeks and thanks to the Baileys, especially Eric, for developing a great program.  We really saw the scope of Stowe barbecue night.  WOW!



My family and I have been a part of a number of youth athletic programs, but your club is the best organized, and most enjoyable, experience we’ve had. The coaching is first rate and my son has never learned more in the same amount of (or more) time ever. When we left the “Tune-up” at Cheshire H.S. last March I asked him what he thought of the experience. His response was “ Dad, I just learned more in three hours than I have anywhere else ever.” That set my wife and me on a mission to get him into 203. Thank you for accommodating us so late in the process. I hope that Matt will be inspired by this season to work hard at becoming the best lacrosse player he can be. Coaches Climie and Abel are outstanding, and I never had a single reservation about trusting them with my son. Thanks for an outstanding program. Good Luck next season!


Coach Bailey,
I would like to once again express my gratitude for your dedication in respect to coaching Wade and the team this summer. Your personal sacrifice is deeply appreciated and has not gone unnoticed. Your ability to extract the best of each individual player’s ability is truly a gift. This was our first experience with summer lacrosse and to say it has met all of our expectations would be an understatement. You have been an inspiration to our son and have done a tremendous job enhancing his lacrosse skills. You have a great sense of each player’s potential and they truly desire to perform for you. My wife and I applaud and appreciate everything you do for the boys.

Once again thank you for allowing our son to play for you this year in addition to providing him with a great summer lacrosse experience in the company of the Club's FAMILY.


Coach Lee,

Alison and I, can not thank you enough for the great job you did with the team and our son.  Colin really enjoyed playing for you and we really enjoyed watching.  His brothers keep telling him he has know idea how lucky he is to have the HS/Club coaching he receives/d and they are right.  


As our son’s last high school lacrosse comes to an end, we cannot help to think about Eric and Lee Bailey, other coaching staff. Our son began with the Baileys on their Bobcat organization prior to joining your club  He continued with the club through last summer.  The Baileys possess a wealth of lacrosse knowledge from their playing and coaching at the high school and college levels.  In addition, they have an engaging way of presentation that the kids connect to and love.  Our son participated in many practices and tournaments over the years.  The coaching extended beyond the field and it included topics such as work ethic and respect, and it taught the kids the love of the game.  Our son played varsity high school lax as a freshman, was selected to the All-Conference first team, and was recruited by college coaches as a result of the Team tournament play last summer.  Our son’s success was very much a result of Team 203 coaching and players.  He had a blast with his teammates from many different schools across the state, creating lasting friendships!  We are so very grateful and can say if you are considering Team CT for your player – do it!!  You’ll love the results!


My husband and I wanted to thank you and your staff for the summer camp you ran this summer.
Our son had the best time! I found that your team of coaches was just super, knowledgeable without question tough but fair on the kids.  Our son was thrilled to be part of the camp and now says he will be part of team CT for a very long time if you will have him.


Hi Coach Bailey and Pulisciano,

Dan had a great time at camp and said he really learned a lot.  This is his second year doing it and will be making it a summer tradition.  We will definitely spread the word to others!


Our son came home glowing this afternoon from Summer Camp, very excited about his experience. He had nothing but nice things to say about the coaches, the other campers, and the entire experience. His mother and I are thrilled. I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for hosting such a terrific camp. We will definitely return and spread the word as well!


I wanted to thank you again for making this summer lax season a great experience for Aidan! I appreciate you allowing him to spend some time in the net along with his playing defense. He learned a great deal about the game from each of you and played against some great competition, which only further fueled his passion for the game as well as making some new friends.  

Thank you again, looking forward to next year!


Just wanted to says thanks for allowing Tyler to participate in the 2017 team and for coaching the kids.  As a basketball coach, I know it's a big commitment.  He had a blast this summer.  Made a bunch of friends and learned a lot.


Hey guys just wanted to say great weekend. The BBQ was a great idea. I think the parents had more fun than the boys. The lacrosse competition was really good. Our team played well. Ethan enjoyed playing for Joe and Jim. You guys are good coaches who know how to give him a boot in the rear-end when he needs it.  Thanks for a great season. Looking forward to camp next week. 


My wife Patti and I can't say enough about our Team CT experience. This is our first year with you. You run a wonderful, well thought out program.  Our 15 year old son has learned so much more about the game and himself in just 2 short weeks and one tournament. Coach Clime and Coach Abel are awesome. They are very knowledgeable, professional and passionate about lacrosse. I feel they are elite.  They coach the kids with pride. Never mean, rude or disrespectful. In fact, just the opposite.  They always encourage and compliment the players even when they mess up.  My son looks forward to every practice and game.  He is very proud to be part of the "Team CT family" and so are we.  We look forward to the rest of the season. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU!


Thank you Steve for your effort, knowledge and charisma for lacrosse.  It conveys well to Brendan and he's always enjoyed your 'way' of coaching.  Brendan would like to continue in the fall, be it games, practices or clinics. Enjoy your summer!


Dear Coach Bailey, we couldn’t be happier with how the program has been over the last two weeks!  My son thinks you guys make it fun and that he is learning a lot.  My husband and I think Coach Nate & Gaudio are very positive with the kids.


Hello Team 203 coaches,

Coaches – I wanted to thank you for all your time and dedication these past couple of weeks with the 2015AA boys.  The boys really seemed to gel together both on and off the field.  14-5 in tournament play (and # of games against 2014's) nothing to be ashamed of.  Lee - you are right there are a lot of programs out there –  but you guys do it the right way.  You teach, you instruct and you have fun with the boys and it showed in their play and it was noticed on the sidelines by the parents.

Dear Coach,

You have some great coaches running these teams.  These kids went from not knowing each others names, to being a real family and improved each week.  My son's team had no cliques, or favorites.   We went from losing every game at Wesleyan back in June to going undefeated on day one at Stowe.  That says a lot.  When we played a team that beat us, we usually won the rematch, which again speaks volumes about the coaches and the kids. The 2018 coaches are great, and always fair.  They coached kids up, positive first, then on to the correction.  They know their stuff, and what they are working with. This was really an enjoyable season.  Thanks again!


Mr. Bailey- you have created a great Lacrosse Club-thank you for planning the BBQ and for providing an encouraging coaching staff for Team 2016As. We know you are probably planning for next year already. It is important to us that Mike receives encouraging coaching staff for next year. This year was a rare, amazing, and great experience. Wanted to give you a heads up for coaches Climie and Able. Hoping they move up with these boys for next year


Coach Bailey,

Great job yesterday. It was my first experience with Team CT and I was very pleased & impressed. Hope you had a great Fathers Day!


Team CT Coaches- We are new to the program this year and are very impressed so far! Our coaching staff is enthusiastic, organized and great with communication.The instruction that occurs during practices and games is well beyond what we could have hoped for - we have no doubt that our son will be a better, more confident player after this summer. We look forward to him growing further with you.


Thanks again for a great season. Our son really enjoyed playing for you. He learned a lot through this program thus far and looking forward for him to further develop his skills. Take care and see you around the lacrosse field.


Thank you for all the hard work and support you did for the team this summer.


Thank you for helping John grow and develop, he had a lot of fun and is already talking about next year!!!  Please keep us on your distribution list, we’ll look for fall ball info.


I just wanted to thank you for having our son on the team.  He has told me, several times, how much he has learned from being coached properly.  He had a great time with 203.  The first sleepover weekend was a great time and he enjoyed every minute of practices and games since then.  I believe teenagers have to be busy and involved in whatever it is they enjoy doing.  My son loves the game and he would like to play in college.  I hope 203 will have him for the next three years.  I just registered him for Fall Ball at Choate.  I don't know your involvement for the fall, but we sure do hope to see you again as Zak's coach.



Thanks for all your time, effort and most importantly your knowledge of the game.  My son had a great time and is looking forward to Fall Ball at Choate!


You are running a terrific club which is already on the path to success...Great hard working coaches doing it the right way.
Team 203 2014' Parent


Thanks for your time for the winter program Samuel really enjoyed it always, always smile on his face...great experience for


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you both for a great season so far. My son, who is usually not that vocal said to me that he can't believe how much he has learned so far this summer. He is new to the sport, it being only his second year playing and this summer team has been such a great experience for him. Thanks again.
2018 Parent

Dear Coaches
Just want to send a big thank you to both of you. My son told me on several occasions that you both were the best coaches he's ever had. He didn't want this summer season to end.

THANKS AGAIN- 2017 parent.

I can't say enough about last summer.  We were exhausted chasing them both all over but both our kids got so much from the program.  You really have done a great job and we appreciate it. They both want to play in college so they appreciate the coaches and competition that you brought to them.  

Thanks again

I wanted to say thanks for what has been a wonderful experience for my son.  He really had a great time and even in the extreme weather we had never once asked not to go to a game or practice. He said the coaching was fantastic and the other kids were great.

I did not get to personally thank you post the final game.  You did a great job, and what a wonderful group!  My son would love to play for Team CT again next year.  You both did a great job of letting everyone play, and I appreciate that. 

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you both for a great season of excellent training and leadership for our boys.  My son had a GREAT time- loved playing on the team, and actually listed for me the things he learned - positioning, sliding, poking and lift check, etc, and working with the team.

Thanks again for a great summer. Stowe was even more amazing than it was last year. Yesterday was as exciting a day as I could remember.


Just wanted to send a quick note about how impressed we were with your Winter LAX program.   My son Seth absolutely loved it.   He learned a ton.     Keep up the great work and we will keep our eyes open for your next clinic.