Team Connecticut Lacrosse Club is a boys year round lacrosse club for student athletes in Connecticut or CT. Our club offers speed training, lacrosse training, stick skills training, fall lacrosse training, fall tournament teams, summer tournament teams,

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Team CT Lax is a competitive year round lacrosse club.  Our expectaion is if with your commiting to us we are committing to you.  Our programming is spelled out months in advance and tournaments, coaches, facilities & uniforms are secured well in advance.  That said, if you do not attend a schedule event there is no refund available.


If ANY training program is canceled due to low enrollment or for any other circumstance you will receive a full refund without a service fee charge.

The first payment is considered a non refundable deposit.  This is usually $250.
This is used to ensure player participation in all programming and to avoid players dropping out last minute.  The uniform charge will be added if a player outgrows the previous years.

*If yoiu decide that you are no longer interested in playing, moving on to another club etc there is no refund.

Summer Camp, Clinic or Club Player Particpation
A partial refund (75% percent of the program cost) will be made ONLY if the Refund Request Form is received in the office fourteen days prior to the program start date and it does not reduce the participation level below the required minimum.

*There are no refunds for any cancellations due to weather or Acts of God

Refund after a program begins 
There will be no refunds after the start of a program.

Injury prior to event or season

There is no refund for injuried players prior to a scheduled event

Hotel Refunds

Please exercize caution when booking hotel rooms as tournaments can and will reschedule / change dates on us last minute.  Parents and players are on their own when this happens.  Team 203 will not refund for losses resulting from hotel changes.
Thank you,

Team Connecticut Lax Club