Team Connecticut Lacrosse Club is a boys year round lacrosse club for student athletes in Connecticut or CT. Our club offers speed training, lacrosse training, stick skills training, fall lacrosse training, fall tournament teams, summer tournament teams,

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"The business of private lessons is on an upward trajectory as more and more parents consider $50 or $100 for a personalized session a small price to pay to unleash their child’s potential. For any athlete looking for a competitive edge, private lessons continue to be an appealing offering." Brian Litvack CEO, LeagueApps July 2018

Team Connecticut has a stable of high school coaches, college coaches and current college players ready to assist. Reach out today to schedule a training time!

1 on 1 - 60 minutes - $65

Small Group (8-10) - 60 minutes - $30/player

To learn more email Eric Bailey