Team Connecticut Lacrosse Club is a boys year round lacrosse club for student athletes in Connecticut or CT. Our club offers speed training, lacrosse training, stick skills training, fall lacrosse training, fall tournament teams, summer tournament teams,

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Let us preface the following by reasuring everyone that all Team CT PLAYERS and FAMILIES are CLASS ACTS and we plan to continue that trend moving forward.

Team CT Lacrosse Club Player Expectations

Be a Good Person/Teammate: We expect you to conduct yourself in a manner that reflects positively on the Team CT Lacrosse Club. You represent yourself, your families and Team CT Lacrosse Club so your attitude and the way you conduct yourself is critical. Share the ball, be happy when your teammates succeed, always stay positive & encouraging w/teammates. Be a positive role model for the younger players in work ethic, attitude and behavior.

Pay Attention: Pay attention when a coach is talking. All eyes and ears are fixed on the coach whose speaking. Proper response to a coaches question is ‘yes coach’ or would you mind explaining that to me again after practice?

Be Prepared & Coachable: Come prepared each week to practice w/all gear and ask questions when unsure about the day’s lesson. Take care of your equipment. Your parents spend a lot of money on your lacrosse gear, take care of it. Get a good night’s sleep and eat properly at least three hrs prior to an event. Be coachable by immediately showing you can apply what has been taught during practice.

Be an Athlete, Play Hard and Fast: We demand 100% effort while playing at full speed at all times during games and practices. We would rather you make a mistake at 100% effort than to go half speed. Run on and off the field, during drills, after goals for face-offs, when a timeout is called, or to a huddle. Rest when you are not in the game. If you are tired, signal to come out but NEVER in transition from offense to defense.

During a game, you will ALWAYS:
• Stand on the sidelines with your teammates and cheer your teammates
• Play any position for which you are needed
• Pay attention to the game on the field and learn from watching
• Give your absolute attention to your coaches when they are speaking

During a game, you will NEVER:
• Argue with a referee, no matter what the situation
• Argue with your coaches, no matter what the situation
• Exchange unfavorable dialogue with anyone or use offensive gestures or language